Indian Air Force Rank Structure

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Motto of the Indian Air Force – ‘Touch the sky with glory The rank structure of Indian air force is based on that of the Royal Air Force. The highest attainable rank in the Indian air force is Marshal of the Indian air force.Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh, DFC, was the only Marshal of Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force is headed by the Chief of the Air Staff, who holds the rank of Air Chief Marshal.

Commissioned Officers

  • Marshal of the Air force
  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice-Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying officer

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs)

  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer
  • Junior Warrant Officer

Non Commissioned Officers ( NCOs)

  • Sergeant

Other Personnel

  • Corporal
  • Leading Aircraftsman
  • Aircraftsman