“If those who think to achieve, have a firm and focused mind, they will realize what they thought of , and even as they have thought of.” These are the words from  the man who has been an inspiration to all and a reminder of the power of hope-Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

This all began with his book that has power beyond our imagination “Vision 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium.” Dr. Kalam’s vision was to create ignited minds for better tomorrow. But the question is though we are lot more advanced in terms of technology are we really on the path of creating ignited minds?

We seem to have a blind admiration of anything outside our boundaries and a very little belief in our own abilities. Dr. Kalam believed that only persons with many embodied skills and knowledge and ignited minds can be ready for a long term vision. 

We as educators want to be the source of creating these Ignited Minds. We believe in recognizing the best in our students and facilitating them with the best of our expertise. We also believe that it is possible to develop our students to reach the pinnacle of success by the strengths derived from them.

We thrive to see the life of our students progressing in actual term, and not merely in statistical tables.