Types Of War Ships In Indian Navy


This type of ships provides offensive capability at very long range by using its aircraft to attack enemy ships with guided weapons, rockets, torpedoes.

INS Vikramaditya


Ship is used for ASW (anti submarine warfare) Protection of the fleet, naval gun fire support, offensive operations with guns & torpedoes. They are also equipped with guided missiles, ASW homing torpedoes & ASW helicopters.

Classes of Destroyers

Delhi Class

“The Delhi Class is fitted with the Rafael Barak point air defence missile system.”

The ship is equipped with four chaff launch systems and the Ajanta radar interceptor.”

 The Delhi class destroyers are classified as guided-missile destroyers.

 INS Delhi, INS Mumbai, INS Mysore

The Rajput Class

The Rajput class guided-missile destroyers are also known as Kashin-II class.

The Indian Navy to deploy the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile systems form these ships for first time.

INS Rajput, INS Ranvijay, INS Rana, INS Ranvir

Kolkata class

INS Kolkata, INS Chennai, INS Kochi


There are four types of frigates

  1. The general purpose frigate – ASW & AA protection
  2. ASW frigate – to destroy the submarines
  3. AA Frigate – to protect convoy from aircraft
  4. Air defence

Classes of frigates

Shivalik Class

– the multi-role frigates and are the first-of-its kind warships built in India incorporating stealth features

 INS Shivalik, INS Satpura, INS Sahyadri

Talwar Class

The use of stealth technologies and a special hull design helps to reduced radar cross section (RCS) as well as electromagnetic, acoustic and infrared signatures.

INS Tarkash, INS Tirkand, INS Teg, INS Tabar

Kamorta Class

The ship is equipped with Anti-submarine Rockets and Torpedoes, Medium and Close-in Weapon Systems and indigenous surveillance radar Revathi. The ship is capable of carrying an integral ASW helicopter.

INS Kamort, INS Kiltan, INS Kadmatt

Brahmaputra Class

INS Brahmaputra, INS Beas, INS Betwa


Small, fast naval vessel. The dimensions of corvette are slightly smaller as compared to the traditional frigate

Classes of Corvettes

Kora Class

Kora Class corvettes are 1350-ton guided-missile corvettes.

INS Kora, INS Kirch, INS Kulish, INS Karmuk

Khukri Class

INS Khukri, INS Kirpan, INS Khanjar

Veer Class

INS Prabal Pralay Nashak Vidyut Vinash

Abhay Class

Coastal patrol and anti-submarine warfare.

INS Abhay, INS Ajay, INS Akshay

Landing Ships & Craft

Special ships & crafts for landing Assault troops, to lift light helicopters, guns, tanks.

Shardul Class

INS Shardul, INS Airavat, INS Kesari

Magar Class

INS Magar, INS Gharial

Offshore Petrol vessel

INS Sukanya, INS Sharyu, INS Sharada

Auxiliary Ships

Fleet Tankers

INS Jyoti, INS Aditya, INS Deepak, INS Shakti


The naval vessel that is capable of propelling itself beneath the water as well as on the water’s surface, they usually patrol individually in enemy water. The main armament is consists of torpedoes, also carries missiles & are used to lay mines.

Classes of Submarine

Kalvari Class

INS Kalvari is the first of the six Scorpion class submarines built under Project 75.

Chakra Class

Nuclear-powered submarine

INS Chakra

Sindhughosh class – Submarines are the Kilo class diesel-electric submarines

INS Sindhugosh, INSSindhuratna, INS Sindhudhvaj, INS Sindhushashtra,

INS Sindhuvijay

Shishumar Class

The Shishumar class vessels (Type 1500) are diesel-electric submarines.

INS Shishumar, INS Shankush, INS Shalki, INS Shankul